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Zogar Sag is a character in the Conan story "Beyond the Black River". Revered among the Picts and feared by the settlers, Zogar Sag is one of the few Pictish shamans known by name throughout the frontier. Zogar Sag is said to be only partly human. His mother was a woman from the village of Gwawela, who slept in a grove sacred to Jhebbal Sag and awoke with child. Due to this unnatural parentage, he is adept at speaking with demons and forest-devils, who recognize his lineage.

Working from his home village of Gwawela, this roguish wizard has long been a menace to the settlers of the frontier, with all those of Fort Tuscelan knowing and dreading his name. In past times, he has been said to summon plagues upon his enemies, and the settlers dwell in constant fear of this terrible fate. He is active throughout the Pictish Wilderness and neighbouring Conajohara Province, seeking to rally the Picts against the settlers.

The sorcerer’s greatest weakness is that he's prone to drunkenness and can rarely resist when the opportunity to imbibe comes up, drinking himself into a stupor. Zogar Sag finally meets his end mysteriously in the battle at Velitrium, dying of hideous wounds despite no sword coming near him.

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