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Zembabwei is a country of the Hyborian Age.


Zembabwei borders Punt, Keshan, and the southern Black Kingdoms.

History and politics[]

The twin kings rule the great hybrid trading kingdom of Zembabwei. The Cult of Damballah at one point eclipsed the Cult of Derketo and Dagon, to the point of civil war, but was quelled. Prior to this, the Zembabwean Kings plotted with the Stygian thief Thutmekri to conquer Punt, and steal the treasure of Keshan. The scheme was foiled by Conan, and assuredly plans of conquest were laid to rest.

Population and culture[]

The origin of the Zembabwean people is linked with the Kchaka tribe, their ancestors. The people worship many deities, such as Derketo, Dagon, Damballah, and an unnamed ape deity. Derketo and Dagon are the primary cult, holding two gold idols in the main temple. Among the priest caste there exists Witch-Dancers, who aid in sacrifices and summoning. Zembabwan military is strong in the region, with a history of riding Wyverns into battle.

Stories set in Zembabwei[]

Characters from Zembabwei[]

  • Nenaunir, the usurper king of Zembabwei, twin of King Mbega.
  • Mbega, the imprisoned king of Zembabwei, twin of King Nenaunir.
  • Rimush, a priest who helped find the lair of Thoth-Amon.
  • Dalboor, wizard and priest of the unnamed ape deity.