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Zarfhaana is a Thurian nation and one of the Seven Empires, ruled by an unnamed emperor from a city in the northern part of the country.[1]


Zarfhaana is located east of Valusia, west of Grondar, north of Thurania, and south of the ocean teeming with pirates. Zarfhaana is a narrow realm, extending north and south between the Zalgara Mountains on the west and an unnamed range of mountains on the east. Both mountain ranges extend all the way along their respective borders. Between Zarfhaana and the Zalgara Mountains is the Camoonian Desert. The interior of this country is noted for its dreamy valleys and verdant forests.[1]


In addition to cities and large towns, Zarfhaana also has many villages inhabited by peaceful and hospitable country folk.[1] Kulra Thoom was from Zarfhaana.[2]


The borders of Zarfhaana are patrolled by mounted border guards. On the eastern border is the frontier city of Talunia, the nation's last eastern outpost. The pass from Talunia through the eastern mountains is guarded by a tower and garrison.[1]


Although Valusia and Zarfhaana were on friendly terms, Kull regarded Zarfhaana as a "soft and lazy realm" and compared it to a "helpless girl waiting to be ruthlessly conquered."[1]


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