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Surrounded by a ring of oases and the westernmost outpost of the Turanian Empire, Zamboula was originally settled centuries ago as a small trading post by the advancing Stygian armies. The city was populated by Stygians with their Shemite and Kushite slaves and was swiftly growing when the Turanians pushed the Stygians back a generation ago. The city, full of towers and minarets, is now settled by a myriad of people who keep demonstrate their languages, customs, and colors proudly. The streets at night are well-lit through a myriad of bronze lanterns, but deserted as cannibalistic Darfari slaves stalk the streets at night for prey. Although this is well known by the populace, they turn a blind eye to the loss of foreigners and gutter trash in fear of a possible Darfari revolt if the practice is ended.


  • Zamboula is ruled by a khan, during Conan's teenage years Akter Khan, and after Akter's death, Jungir Khan.. However, rumors abound that the true ruler is Jungir's mistress Nafertari.


  • A temple to Hanuman. The high priest, Totrasmek, has been feuding with Jungir Khan.


  • The Sword-Makers' Bazaar
  • The Royal Way is the main road that enters and travels through the city. According to the law, no more than twenty riders are ever allowed in a group on the Royal Way, and camels are forbidden.

Important Residents[]

  • The thief Isparana occasionally worked for Akter Khan and occasionally opposed him, and just as often assisted and confounded Conan.
  • Balad was a rival of Akter Khan who cowardly assassinated the surrendering and unarmed Khan after the involvement of Conan and his horsemen Shanki allies assisted Balad's revolution. Balad in turn was slain by the sorcerer Zafra via the magical Sword of Skelos.
  • Aram Baksh owns an inn on the edge of the city, which, while well appointed, is rather inexpensive. This is partially because Baksh allows cannibals to come in to kidnap and devour residents, while he takes their possessions and sells them on the black market. Aram is eventually found out and suffers the same fate as his victims.

Stories Taking Place in Zamboula[]