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Yog is a god worshiped during the Hyborian Age. He is the god of cannibals and as such his worship requires the consumption of human flesh. Yog's doctrine is simple. Worshippers may only eat meat, never plants of any kind. They must consume human flesh at least once per month, and those who fail are considered ritually unclean until they have done so. Yog is worshiped in Dafar (situated between the black kingdoms and Stygia) by the various grassland tribes who dwell there, as well as the desert-dwelling Zuagirs. Outside of Dafar, Yoggites gather into bands and generally drag away lone travelers (or those unlucky enough to come across them alone at night in cities) to be ritually eaten.

At each full moon, the worshippers of Yog dig a pit, into which their priests pour certain oils and set alight with a flung torch. The Darfari identify the bright flame with that of the moon overhead. They believe, once each month, their people must "eat the moon". Bathed in the fire-pit's glow, any captive, in their eyes, becomes the earthly essence of the moon. Eating outsiders' flesh is said to make the Yoggites immune to weapons.