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Queen Yasmin (not to be confused with Yasmina) was the young wife of King Yildiz of Turan until Yildiz was killed by the Red Mist cult of assassins. She is the daughter of the king of Zamora, and became the wife of Yildiz to ensure peace between the two nations. She is also the former lover of Lord Shaid (the righthand man to Yildiz) and the mother of Shaid's infant son, though no one but Yasmin and Shaid knew who the father was. Yildiz had forgiven her indiscretion due to their vast age difference and the fact that their marriage was strictly an arranged one. Despite these factors, Yildiz and Yasmin continued to care for each other in their own way.[1]

When Yildiz discovered that Conan was attempting to loot his treasure vault, he made a bargain with Conan that he would give him the keys to the vault if Conan vowed to protect Yasmin and her son from the Red Mist. Yildiz made this offer knowing that his own days were numbered and wanted to know that Yasmin would be protected. Conan honored his vow when he killed Shaid, the secret leader of the Red Mist, while Shaid was attempting to murder Yasmin. In the chaos caused by the assassination of Yildiz, Conan took Yasmin and her son out of the city and brought them back to her native Zamora.[1]


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