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Yasmela is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in his story "Black Colossus," published by Weird Tales in June, 1933.

Biographical sketch[]

A Khorajan Princess who is the younger sister of Khoraja’s king. Her brother has been kidnapped by the King of Ophir. She enlists the aid of Conan against the sorceror Natohk, who desires her hand in marriage. Yasmela is abducted at the end of the battle by Natohk, but soon rescued by Conan.[1] While she carries on a relationship with Conan, she is reticent to make it official. Affairs of state begin to encroach on her time with Conan, but she offers that if her brother were returned, she would not only have time for Conan, but would convince her brother to allow her to marry her barbarian lover. Conan successfully rescues Khossus, but by that time his passion for Yasmela had passed.[2]

Physical Appearance[]

She is described variously as having a “supple belly…dark hair streaming over her white shoulders…slender fingers…lithe limbs…beautiful eyes…supple spine…pink ears" and "dark wavy tresses”.

Traits and skills[]

As royalty and acting ruler of Khoraja, she is able to make decisions on behalf of the state, and has the final word in any council meeting.

Stories featuring Yasmela[]