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Xuchotl is a lost city in the south, where Conan and Valeria ended up in "Red Nails". It's mentioned as one of the oldest cities in the world and was ruled by demon kings far back in time.

The city itself is located somewhere in the jungles south of Stygia. The entire city is one large structure, with no courtyards. It has been decades since the residents ventured outside Xuchotl's doors, mostly because the surrounding plains and forests are inhabited by enormous carnivorous lizards, resembling small dinosaurs.

Beneath the 4 above-ground tiers of Xuchotl are the catacombs, where the inhuman ancient inhabitants, and the present human inhabitants, bury their dead. There are rumored to be black tunnels below the catacombs, as well. The Crawler, a cold-blooded carnivore tamed as a war beast by the Xotalancs, is said to have come from these tunnels.

There lived two people in the city. One at the western gate, known as the Tecuhltu, and another at the eastern gate, the Xotalanc.

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