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World's End is a mysterious land of no return on the far eastern portion of the Thurian Continent, beyond Grondar and the River Stagus. Even during the time of Kull, almost nothing was known about this region since those who were brave enough to venture into it never returned to tell about what they encountered. All that could be said is this was a vast and barren expanse of wastelands and deserts. The most common way of reaching World's End is by crossing the River Stagus with the help of Karon the boatman. It is uncertain how much Karon knew about what lay beyond. He described World's End in vague terms as a realm of horror and mysticism, magic and the unknown, with ghastly shapes of doom lurking in the obscurity of dusk.[1]

When Kull and his men were pursuing the fugitive adventurer Felgar across the continent, the chase had led them across the Stagus. Kull was about to journey into World's End on the trail of Felgar, but at that point the story chronicling these events was left unfinished by the author Robert E. Howard.[1]


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