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This article is about the Kull character. For the Conan character, see Volmana.

Volmana was a Valusian nobleman and the Count of Karaban during the reign of Kull. Described as a short, stocky dwarf with broad shoulders and long arms, he was involved in a failed conspiracy led by Ascalante to overthrow Kull. His fellow conspirators also included Kaanuub, Gromel, and Ridondo. Volmana was killed when he and the others attacked Kull in the king's bedchamber.[1]

Volmana had kin on the council of Grondar, which allowed him to indirectly persuade the Grondarian king to request the presence of Brule and Ka-nu at his court. Their temporary absence made it easier for the conspirators to put their plans into action.[1]

Despite his noble status, Volmana was burdened with poverty and debt. With the overthrow of Kull and the start of a new regime, he had hoped that his situation would improve.[1]

Volmana was the owner of the slave girl Ala.[1]


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