Conan Wiki
Sex Male
Occupation Count of Karaban
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) "The Phoenix on the Sword"

This article is about the Conan character. For the Kull character, see Volmana (Kull).

Volmana was the Count of Karaban, a dwarf, and one of Ascalante's co-conspirators in his plot to kill King Conan and take control of the throne of Aquilonia. Volmana had been in royal favor under King Numedides, and wanted to restore his "poverty-ridden estates".

Volmana used his relatives to persuade the King of Nemedia to ask Count Trocero (Conan's seneschal) to travel to Nemedia, accompanied by an imperial escort and Prospero, Conan's right-hand man. This was part of the plan to weaken Conan's forces, making it easier for the conspirators to take over.

Volmana was part of the raid that entered Conan's chambers in the hope of murdering him in his sleep. However, they found the king awake and armed. Volmana and Gromel wore full armor with helmets, Rinaldo had his slouch cap down above his eyes, and Ascalante was unknown to him, so Conan did not know the identity of his attackers at first.

During the combat, Volmana flung his fellow attackers left and right in his impatience to get at the king, and hacked furiously at Conan's unprotected head. Conan evaded the blow, only losing a lock of hair to Volmana's sword, before using his axe to strike his foe in the side. The count's steel cuirass was crushed, as was his left side, and he died instantly.