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Verulia is a Thurian nation and one of the Seven Empires. It shares a border with Valusia, but Verulia's exact location relative to its Valusian neighbor isn't made clear in the original Kull stories.[1]

Verulia and Valusia are ancient enemies. When Kull overthrew King Borna and took the Valusian throne, Borna's cousin Gomlah fled to Verulia and took refuge there. The Verulian king (who is unnamed) took this opportunity to move against Valusia. A squadron of men were sent into Valusia clandestinely, led by Gonda, and aided by the Valusian traitor Dondal, to capture Kull and eventually dispose of him. With Kull out of the way, it would leave Valusia vulnerable to Verulian invasion, and Gomlah would be installed on the throne as a puppet king. The conspirators were killed in a battle against Kull, Dalgar, and Brule, and the plot ultimately failed.[1]

Kull regarded Verulia as a byword for trickery, but he also regarded Gen Dala, the Verulian ambassador, as an honorable man who most likely was ignorant of the Verulian plot.[1]


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