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The Vanir are the people of Vanaheim.


The vanir are people of the Nordics stock (q.v.). They often battled against their cousins, the Æsir (Aesir).

During the Nordic drift, the Vanir migrated southwards to flee the glacier age. A band of adventurers devastated Zingara (occupied by the Picts) and reached Stygia. They found the slaves oppressed by a cruel aristocratic ruling class and led a general revolt. They overthrew the ruling class and established themselves as a cast of conquerors, the ancestors of the Pharaohs. As Stygia was staggering under the thrusts of the Black Kingdoms to the south, these Vanir subjugated the northern-most regions, and built a vast southern empire, which they called Egypt. The conquerors became the ancestors of the earlier Pharaohs.

The Danes were descendants of pure-blooded Vanir.[1]


  • Bragi - War party leader who fought against the party of Wulfhere. He was slain along with everyone else.
  • Heimdul - Member of Bragi's party, the last who stood alive until he dueled with Conan.


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