Turan is a country of the Hyborian Age.

Geography Edit

Kingdom of Turan is rising in barbaric splendor on the south-western shores of the great inland sea Vilayet. Turan has it's name from Proto-Turkic myths, referring to a great-united Turkic Empire. Vilayet means "City" in Turkic language. The drawings with regard to Turan soldiers and khans are just the same of the warriors in Turkic history. The khan in the comics is named as "Yezdigerd" a very old Turkic khan lived behind the lands of current Iran. Turan has nothing to do with Byzantine or Romans, it is solid Turkic name for the mythical great Turkic Empire.

History and politics Edit

The Kings son is named Yezidigerd and is Prince of Aghrapur.

Population and culture Edit

Inhabited by the Hyrkanian race — dark and generally tall and slender.

Between the inland sea and the eastern borders of the native western kingdoms lie vast expanses of steppes and in the extreme north and extreme south, deserts.

Noted for bandits. Powerful Turanian bow kills at five hundred paces.

Women wear veils. Silk is very common here, and it is worn by all classes of people from nobles and soldiers to commoners and slaves.

Slavery is very common in Turan. Some of the largest slave markets in all the world exist here.

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Trivia Edit

  • Conan sarcastically claims to be Yezdigerd, crown prince of Turan to a fellow prisoner who believed himself to be Prince Borrin of Koth in CB-253.
  • To the Persians, "Turan" was the lands not serving Ahura(Asura)Mazda but Ahriman, Lord of Darkness. Yazdegerd was the name of the last King of Persia before the Islamic conquest. He resided in the capital Ctesiphon. Ctesphon is the name of the priest-king of Stygia.

References Edit

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