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Tu was the head of the Valusian Council and an advisor to King Kull. He was extremely conservative and was often frustrated by Kull's barbarian disregard for Valusian traditions. Tu typically served as Regent whenever Kull and his commanders had to leave the country on some mission or adventure. Although they often disagreed with each other on matters of law and policy, Tu remained loyal to Kull throughout his kingship.[1][2][3][4]

Tu resented having to share his position as Kull's advisor with others such as Ka-nu and Brule, especially Ka-nu who was particularly skilled in the art of statecraft. Tu was a misogynist and believed that women were the source of all intrigue and danger. He was also fond of extracting information and confessions through torture, a trait that became a grim joke among his peers. In addition to Chief Councilor, Tu also held the title of Lord Chancellor.[3]

Tu is described as a portly man of medium height and late middle age. His hair was thin and sparse, and his face had a look of perpetual suspicion. His dress and appearance made him resemble a merchant more than a Chief Councilor. He was originally of common birth and attained his exalted position through statecraft and intrigue. He served as an advisor to three other kings before Kull (including Borna), and was in the habit of going about the city in disguise in order to gather information. Tu was the uncle of the traitor Dondal, though he was ignorant of Dondal's treachery.[5]

Despite his portrayal as such in the movie Kull the Conqueror, Tu was not a eunuch (royal or otherwise).


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