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The Tower of Splendor was the great golden-spired and bejeweled royal palace of the kings of Valusia. It was protected by walls and guarded inside and out by soldiers of the Red Slayers. Between the outer walls and the palace proper were gardens and fountains, and vines grew along the sides of the building. The inside was honeycombed with secret doors and passageways that were used by the Serpent-Men to carry out their murderous operations against the Valusian kings until Kull and Brule put a stop to them.[1]

Notable Features[]

  • The Topaz Throne was located at the front of the palace and overlooked a broad white street that curved around the great edifice. Here the king typically sat during parades and processions, though Kull preferred to be mounted upon his warhorse during such events.[1]
  • The Hall of Society was the throne room where Kull presided over official ceremonies from the Ermine Throne, granted audiences with guests of the court, and other kingly functions.[1]
  • The Fame Room of Kings was a memorial room where statues and other artifacts were on display that celebrated past rulers.[1]
  • The Accursed Room was a former throne room where King Eallal was murdered by the Serpent-Men a thousand years before the reign of Kull. It remained unused and avoided ever since, and even during Kull's day the hallways of the palace were haunted by the wandering ghost of Eallal.[1]


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