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Tiberias is a character in the Conan story Beyond the Black River. This short fat man in gilt-worked boots looks incongruous in the borderlands. Overmatched by the politics of trade guilds that control the flow of goods in cities, Tiberias sought his niche away from their influence. Hard work and a charming disposition, along with a shortage of competitors, earned him the contract as victualer for the chain of military posts. He works out of Velitrium and does a brisk trade with the commandants of each post, as well as the settlements in their shadow. Anyone looking for necessities such as pots, pans, knives, or pelts can rely on fair price or barter from Tiberius. Using an old connection, Tiberius can procure bountiful quantities of ale. He is fond of regaling customers with snippets of verse, theater, or songs he heard during his time in the cities.

Alas, Tiberias meets his end at the clawed hand of a swamp-demon summoned by the Pictish wizard, Zogar Sag, his head going to decorate an altar in that wizard’s hut.

Stories featuring Tiberias[]

Beyond the Black River