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Thugra Khotan was a Stygian sorcerer who ruled the city of Kuthchemes in ancient times. He later returned, under the alias Natohk, during the events of "Black Colossus".

Biographical sketch[]

A Stygian sorceror who reigned in Kuthchemes three thousand years earlier, but the city was sacked by “gray-eyed, tawny-haired barbarians in wolfskins and scale-mail”, who would eventually found the kingdom of Koth further north. However, Khotan swallowed “a strange terrible poison”, after which he was locked into a tomb by his masked priests, who died in its defence. The barbarians could not break in, so they destroyed the rest of the city and rode off.

He was still worshipped as a god, by a “mongrel degraded cult”, who stamped coins with his likeness in order to put under corpses’ tongues to pay their way in the land of the dead. Shevatas the Thief awakens him from his long sleep and is slain as a reward. The newly risen sorceror renames himself Natohk the Veiled One (‘Natohk’ is simply ‘Khotan’ backwards), then gathers together an army (thirty nomadic tribes, fifteen cities and the support of a rebel Stygian prince). Conan defeats his forces at the Pass of Shamla, but Natohk manages to kidnap Princess Yasmela and take her to some nearby ruins, with Conan in pursuit. There, Natohk reveals he is Thugra Khotan, and attempts to throw first a snake then a scorpion at Conan, who impales him with a sword.

Physical appearance[]

As Natohk the Veiled One, he is described as “inhumanly tall and lean, clad in shimmering green silk”, with a voice like “the hiss of a giant serpent” and a “skull-like countenance”.

Traits and skills[]

Natohk is a powerful sorceror. He is capable of offensive spells, such as the incendiary blast he used at the Pass of Shamla, as well as summoning demons, such as the camel-like creature who pulled his chariot and the ape-like being who drove it. On the other hand, the ape-like one suddenly did betray and rebel against his master.

Stories featuring Thugra Khotan[]