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Thorgrim is one of the villains of the 1982 fantasy action adventure movie Conan the Barbarian.

He was portrayed by Sven-Ole Thorsen, who also voiced Volcazar's General in Ronal the Barbarian.


Thousands of years before the rise of modern history, Thulsa Doom led an army of snakemen against Conan's people. Thorgrim, one of Doom's top henchmen alongside Rexor, watched silently as Thulsa Doom murdered Conan's mother. After Conan's people are killed, including his parents, and their steel and weapons are stolen, Doom enslaves the kids, including Conan, and they are sold and put to work for years at The Wheel Of Pain. During the years when Conan grows from a boy to a man, Doom and his snakemen have retired from raiding and are now running an evil, cannibalistic cult known as Set.

When Conan is discovered by Doom at his mountain temple and home, Doom has Conan beaten up and then questions him about the whereabouts of the large gem, The Eye Of The Serpent, which Conan and the heroes stole from one of Doom's temples. Doom mentions that Thorgrim is very hurt by the snake's death by Conan and that he raised the snake from when it was a baby. Doom then explains to Conan that steel isn't strong and that the manipulation of people and flesh is stronger, which is why Thulsa Doom and his men stopped stealing weapons and destroying towns and moved on to creating and commanding an evil religion, Set. Doom orders Rexor and Thorgrim to crucify Conan on the Tree of Woe, to punish Conan for his stupidity and defiance, but Conan is rescued and restored back to full health.

Later, Conan, Subotai, and Valerie ride to Doom's temple and home and find out the horrible secret of Thulsa Doom's cult is they are really cannibals and liars. The heroes steal the princess and get her away from Doom, but fight Doom's henchmen as they escape. Thorgrim battles Conan with a huge hammer and tries to crush him, but fails and hits a pillar instead. Towards the end of the movie, Thulsa Doom and his snakemen ride to the mounds, the wizard's home and where the princess and heroes are, to get back the princess. Thorgrim tries to kill Conan by smashing his hammer into a helmet, thinking it's Conan, which is actually a booby trap, which swings a very sharp spear into Thorgrim, killing him.