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The Silence was a powerful and malevolent force, once imprisoned within an abandoned castle by a legendary wise man known as Raama during the early Thurian Age, thousands of years before the reign of Kull. As the name implies, this cosmic entity was the embodiment of absolute silence. Where the Silence came from is never explained, but it threatened to destroy humanity and all sound throughout the universe until Raama trapped the entity inside a castle built from black stone, where it remained sealed for generations. The castle, located in the Zalgara Mountains, became known as the Skull of Silence.[1]

The Silence was invisible, but its presence could be sensed as throbbing, unseen waves of horror or evil capable of shattering the minds and sanity of its victims, ultimately killing them. As a safeguard, Raama placed a special jade gong and mallet near the entrance of this castle. If one were foolish enough to remove the seals and bolts, thus releasing the Silence, it could be forced back into the castle by repeatedly striking the gong. Kull resorted to this measure after releasing the entity in his rash desire to look upon it. He eventually destroyed the Silence with a relentless onslaught of sound from the gong, which also shattered the gong in the process.[1]


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