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Though mercenaries may find work in any kingdom, for war is a constant among rulers and kings, four nations in the center of the West are particularly notable for fielding mercenary armies. In Ophir, diamonds are plucked from the ground like daises, so say those jealous of that kingdom’s immense wealth. Koth, while not a Hyborian kingdom, rivals the powers of those sons of Bori north of her. Kothic people are a mix of that Hyborian stock and the southern Shemites who command the vast meadowlands and deserts of that ancient land. Finally, there is Khoraja, a kingdom itself founded by mercenary adventures who long ago sliced a nation from Koth as a butcher flenses a piece of meat from a great flank.

Ophir’s scheming Hyborian king and queen will, in their time, conspire with Koth and the dread wizard Tsotha-lanti to capture King Conan of Aquilonia. But that is another tale, and one which the young Cimmerian mercenary can scarcely dream of. We see these kingdoms as they were in his days, with the dog-brothers and sword-sisters of these lands — fighting for coin, bloodlust, and glory.


  • Khorajans are essentially Kothian in descent, their country having been part of Koth until relatively recently. However in recent decades, their stock has become infused with more Hyborian blood and thus they are lighter-skinned. Some few have blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Kothians are tan folk of some height. Men often wear ringleted beards, and women braid their hair. Kothic people are known for their sharp, hawkish noses.
  • Ophireans are slightly darker skinned than their Hyborian cousins, often with dark hair and brown eyes. Of medium height, they bear some similarity to Argosseans, though the former often dress with more flesh.
  • Shemites are of dark complexion from the suns of their lands and almost always dark-haired. Men wear blue-black beards, while women often braid their hair or interlace it with beads. Shorter than the average Hyborian, Shemites tend to be compactly built, though this is not always the case. In the meadow lands, Shemite complexion turns fair, even pale, and frames are lither and less generally powerful.