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The Caves, also known as The Dragon Caves or the Caves of Melniboné, are closely associated with Elric of Melniboné. The Caves is a province (or sub-region) of both the Isle of Melniboné and formerly the Melnibonéan Empire. The Caves is a network of caverns inhabited by dragons, which aid the Melnibonéans in their wars of conquest. Their close association with dragons, along with an advanced knowledge in sorcery, is one of the reasons why the Melnibonéans were able to expand the Empire of Melniboné at some point in the past.


The Caves are located in Argos, along with the rest of the kingdoms near the former Melnibonéan Empire. Generally speaking, these caves represent the northern reaches of the Melnibonéan Region and Kingdom of Melniboné, which also includes occupied territories on the mainland Young Kingdoms. This province is bounded in the north by the North Oldest Ocean and to the southeast by the South Oldest Ocean, also known as the Dragon Sea. The Caves themselves are bordered in the west by the West Oldest Ocean, also known as the Boiling Sea. Incidentally, it's also bounded by the East Young Kingdoms in the east, past the East Oldest Ocean, and the Northeast Young Kingdom to the northeast, across the East Pale Ocean. In the immediate south, it's bounded by Imrryr Province also a part of Melnibonéan Empire. In the far southeast, this region is bounded by the Southeast Young Kingdoms. See maps below for more geographical information.