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The Temple of the Serpent was a temple in the Valusian capital devoted to the worship of the Serpent God. Surprisingly, the existence of the temple was tolerated since the religion was a popular one and attracted a large following. The priests of the temple were Serpent-Men who operated behind the scenes or disguised themselves as ordinary human priests by means of sorcery. Most people were either unaware of the true nature of the power behind the temple, or were too afraid to act against the temple and its agents for fear of deadly reprisal. It wasn't until the reign of Kull that the threat posed by the Serpent-Men was taken seriously.[1]

A statue of King Borna was put up in the temple after he was slain by Kull where he was mourned by many Valusians, despite the fact that Kull had once been praised as a liberator who delivered the people from the iron grip of Borna's tyranny.[2]


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