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This article is about Taurus of Nemedia, Prince of Thieves; for other uses of "Taurus", see Taurus (disambiguation)

Taurus is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in his story "The Tower of the Elephant", published by Weird Tales during the 1930s.

Biographical sketch[]

Taurus, known as a prince of thieves, earned his reputation by audacious burglaries. His accomplishments owed much to brazen ambition, shrewd planning, and cold-blooded courage. His last and most daring scheme was to steal the Elephant's Heart jewel of the sorcerer Yara. The teenaged Conan encountered Taurus at midnight at the base of the Elephant Tower, both of them there coincidentally on the same errand. Conan was making the attempt on impulse, but Taurus, liking Conan's spirit, decided to let him join in his plan. Using the deadly Black Lotus powder he had stolen from a Stygian caravan, Taurus asphyxiated the pride of lions guarding the tower. After they ascended via rope and grappling hook, Conan feared Taurus might leave him behind on the roof. But no sooner did Taurus advance into the tower than he felt the fangs of the enormous spider guarding the top floor. Emerging with three black pit-marks in his neck, and frothing at the mouth, he died, leaving only the inexperienced Conan to continue the adventure.

Physical Appearance[]

Taurus is described as "big-bellied and fat", but this is misleading, as "his every movement betokened a subtle dynamic magnetism", later adding that his "suppleness was amazing, considering his bulk; he almost seemed to glide over the edge" of a high wall.

Traits and skills[]

Taurus is a famous thief, with incredible agility and strength in his fat bulk. He also has an array of exotic artefacts, such as black lotus powder from the jungles of Khitai, and his rope made from the hair of dead women stolen at midnight then soaked in upas tree wine. He frequently invokes Bel, the god of thieves.

Stories featuring Taurus (Tower of the Elephant)[]