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Amazing spider-man vol 1 700-1 textless
Aliases Peter Parker
Country of Origin United States
  • Photographer
  • Scientist
  • Allies Red Sonja

    Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man is a super-hero from Marvel comics.


    Peter Parker never knew his parents because they died when he was young. His Aunt May took care of him for most of his life, until high school to college. During a science field trip during school, a radioactive spider bit Peter at the exhibit. Peter left, and found that the spider didn't kill him, but gave him new abilities, such as climbing walls, super-strength, and a new 'spider-sense' that alerted him to a threat around him. Peter knew he and his aunt had money troubles, so he went on TV, using his new abilities, but concealing his identity. Peter won a wrestling match, but the staff wouldn't pay him. As he was leaving, a man rushed by Peter, and got in the elevator. The owner of the ring, who wouldn't pay Peter, told Peter to chase the man, because the man had just robbed him. Peter, furious that the man wanted something from him, without paying previously told the man it wasn't his problem. That night, when Peter got home, he saw police cars at his house, and a stretcher with a covered body being hauled out. A police officer said that he was sorry, and that someone had broken in to the house, and Peter's uncle Ben had caught him, but the burglar had shot Ben. Peter, wrought with grief, made a costume, and created an artificial, sticky substance that he called 'webbing'. Peter donned the costume and went after the burglar, calling himself "Spider-Man". Spider-Man caught up to the burglar, and defeat him, only to find that it was the same burglar who had robbed the wrestling ring owner. Swearing never make a mistake like this again, Peter vowed to fight crime wherever it may be, continuing his role as Spider-Man.

    Meeting Red Sonja[]

    Peter was investigating some goings-on in a museum, and he was unknowingly followed by Mary Jane. Peter changed into Spider-Man and tried to fight off the demons that were surrounding him. He realized that Kulan Gath had possessed a security guard and was summoning his minions. Meanwhile, Mary Jane picked up a sword on a display to defend herself, but the sword unleashed Red Sonja. Spider-Man meanwhile, was getting overwhelmed. Just then Red Sonja appeared and helped fight off the demons. The two eventually defeated Gath, and Sonja reverted back to Mary Jane. (Marvel Team-Up #79)

    Mary Jane Waston as Red Sonja Earth-616

    Red Sonja saves Spider-Man.