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The Sorcery of the Blood and the Jewel was a spell cast by Yag-kosha as a final act of vengeance against the sorcerer Yara after centuries of imprisonment and torture at Yara's hands. When Conan encountered Yag-kosha, he asked Conan to help him carry out his revenge.[1]

Following his instructions, Conan put the broken Yag-kosha out of his misery, then removed his heart. Taking the jewel known as the Heart of the Elephant, Conan squeezed Yag-kosha's heart so that the blood poured onto the jewel and was absorbed into it. He then presented the jewel to Yara with the words, "Yag-kosha gives you a last gift and a last enchantment." Yara became trapped inside the jewel where he was destroyed by the renewed spirit of Yag-kosha.[1]


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