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Shevatas is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in Black Colossus, a story published in the June 1933 edition of Weird Tales.

Biographical sketch[]

Shevatas was a Zamoran thief who sought to steal the treasure of Thugra Khotan’s tomb in Kuthchemes. He successfully negotiated several obstacles, but met his end in the central treasure chamber.

Physical appearance[]

His description in Black Colossus is as follows:

"...wiry and lithe, as became a master-thief of Zamora. His small round head was shaven, his only garment a loin-cloth of scarlet silk. Like all his race, he was very dark, his narrow vulture-like face set off by his keen black eyes. His long, slender and tapering fingers were quick and nervous as the wings of a moth. From a gold-scaled girdle hung a short, narrow, jewel-hilted sword in a sheath of ornamented leather. Shevatas handled the weapon with apparently exaggerated care..."

Traits and skills[]

Shevatas is a thief of great skill, described variously as a "master-thief" and "thief among thieves", achieving such renown that songs and myths were written about him for a millenia after his death.

Stories featuring Shevatas[]