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The Seven Kingdoms of the Thurian Age include Valusia, Verulia, Kamelia, Grondar, Commoria, Farsun, and Thule. The people of these kingdoms speak a similar language and likely have a common origin. There are other kingdoms, and they are equally civilized. Some of these other kingdoms are inhabited by different, older races. An example of these other kingdoms includes the Lake Men of the Enchanted Kingdom, which can be accessed via the Forbidden Lake in Valusia.

  • Valusia is the epicentre of the King Kull stories, as Valusia is the kingdom ruled by Kull. Valusia is a dying empire, although Kull has managed to stem its downward slide and boost it up a little. He reorganized its military and infrastructure, while bringing it back to some semblance of its former glory.
  • Kamelia is similar to Valusia, but with a different king.
  • Verulia is known for trickery and treachery, although the ambassador from Verulia is a man of honor. Sometimes individuals are different than the overall reputation of a nation.
  • Grondar is the most unique of the Seven Kingdoms, a nation of horsemen. Some outpost cities are walled, but overall, the entire nation is nomadic.
  • Thule is another of the Seven Kingdoms, located in the north. In the Hyborian Age, this land will eventually become Asgard and Vanaheim after the Cataclysm.
  • Commoria is constantly at war with Valusia. Kull has no recorded adventures in Commoria so it seems safe to assume that during Kull’s era, Commoria was in as bad a shape as Valusia was during King Borna’s reign.
  • Farsun is the seventh of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite its proximity to the rest, it is perhaps the most indifferent to that allegiance, so much so that it often goes unnamed in the roster of the Seven Empires in the scant records surviving the age.