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Savage Sword of Conan #8
Ssoc 008
Date: October, 1975
Cover: Frank Brunner
Bob Larkin
Writer: Various
Penciller: Various
Inker: Various
Letterer: Various
Editor: Roy Thomas
Title: "The Forever Phial"
"Death-Song of Conan the Cimmerian"
"Sorcerer's Summit"
"Corsairs Against Stygia"

The Forever Phial[]


Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Tim Conrad

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Ranephi (First appearance; dies in this issue). Zamorian sorcerer, cursed with immortality.
  • Hannibal (First and only appearance to date). Hunchbacked and dwarven Zamorian.


  • Corinthia, on the Road of Kings.

Time Frame[]

  • One evening.


Conan slays a large white wolf one evening, unaware that the wolf's master, the immortal sorcerer Ranephi, has been watching the barbarian for some time. At a nearby village, Conan heads straight for the local tavern to boast about the wolf, and the townspeople warn him that Ranephi's vengeance will soon come. Meanwhile, the wizard releases his other animals and burns all of his scrolls and books. Conan, anxious to flee before the sorcere's alleged might, is given a horse by a helpful dwarf, Hannibal, unaware that the misshapen man works for Ranephi. The wizard then magically redirects Conan to his castle. Once there, Conan fends off an attack by a fire-elemental, and flees into the keep itself. He is herded, unkowingly, to Sanephi himself, and, when he spies the sorcerer, lets lose a fatal blow with his axe. It seems that Ranephi was not blessed with immortality, but rather cursed, and needed someone else to end his life. And he had chosen Conan, who was happy to oblige.


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