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Savage Sword of Conan #171
Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 171
Date: Mar, 1990
Cover: Earl Norem
Writer: Various
Penciller: Various
Inker: Various
Letterer: Various
Title: "Hunter's Moon"
"Shattered Innocence"

Hunter's Moon[]


  • Writer: Doug Murray
  • Pencils: Dave Hoover
  • Inks: Tony DeZuniga
  • Letters: Diana Albers

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Kerin (First and only appearance to date). Peasant girl
  • Jenne (First and only appearance to date).
  • Lord Theobold (First and only appearance to date; dies in this issue).


  • Weirwood, the Great Forest

Time Frame[]

  • Several months


Conan is part of a small army caught in an ambush by Lord Beltran's troops. He alone escapes, though he has been shot with some poisoned arrows. He flees on horseback, with his attackers in pursuit, until he finally succumbs to the poison at the border of a settlement. He is found by a peasant family who help him to safety, but this act is reported to the local Lord Theobold, who is aware of Beltran's offer of reward for Conan, but is hesitant to turn the barbarian over quite yet. Conan regains his strength with the family, but when the eldest daughter, Jenne, is taken by the local lord, Theobold, on her wedding day, the younger girl, Kerin, tells Conan how Theobold granted the peasants use of the land and protection in return for the ability to hunt one peasant once a year and to have the rights of first night. A still crippled Conan goes to reconnaissance the keep, but Jenne's husband, Barkin, drunk, has beat him there and demands his wife's release. But the soldiers capture and castrate him instead. The cowed villagers, to Conan's disgust, do nothing. Conan bides his time and regains his strength. During that time he discovers Theobold's men curating the forest and taming the wildlife in order to make Theobold's "hunting" expeditions easier. When the time comes, Conan volunteers himself as the hunted peasant, to Theobold's delight, and Conan gets an hour head start, which Theobold immediately disregards. Conan easily avoids the clumsy traps Theobold's men had arranged in the forest. Taking to the trees, Conan observes many archers and soldiers at the edge of the forest ensuring no prey escapes. Conan easily gets the drop and slays them. Although technically having won by exiting the forest, Conan returns to kill Theobold but finds the lord is holding Kerin hostage. Conan's arrow cuts the rope holding her and he leaps into battle, killing the shocked guards while Kerrin frees herself from her bonds and joins the battle. When only Theobold remains, Conan strips him and gives him a knife, allowing him to leave through the untamed portion of the jungle. It is not long before thorns, insects, and finally a panther end Theobold's life and Conan returns triumphantly to the village with Kerin.

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