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Saremes was a cat who lived during the Thurian Age and was one of the Elder Race. In most ways, Saremes resembles a typical housecat with long grey fur, although she was about a thousand years old by the time of Kull. Saremes was regarded as the wisest of all cats and wandered the world as she chose, treated as an honored guest wherever she went. She stayed with the Lake Men in their courts beneath the Forbidden Lake, and was a guest of the Valusian noblewoman Delcardes.[1]

Saremes was not capable of human speech, but Delcardes tried to make Kull believe otherwise. Using her slave Kuthulos, who was a skilled ventriloquist, Delcardes had him throw his voice so Saremes appeared to talk and foretell the future. She had hoped that Kuthulos, speaking through Saremes, would convince Kull to grant Delcardes permission to marry Kulra Thoom, a foreign man of lower status. Such a marriage was normally not allowed under Valusian law. The deception eventually fell apart, but Kull allowed Delcardes to marry regardless.[1]


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