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Rotath was a Lemurian wizard who was slain by Kull. Kull had been recruited to kill the wizard by the king of Lemuria who feared Rotath's evil power. Rotath died near a shrine in a forest at the top of Lemuria's highest mountain. Before he died, Rotath cast a final spell, invoking the names of dark gods to put a death curse on anyone who disturbed his remains. The power of the spell transmuted his skeleton into solid gold as a way of attracting potential victims of the curse. He was also known as Rotath of the Moonstone and the Asphodel.[1]


The asphodel is a flower that the Greeks dedicated to Persephone, the queen of Hades, realm of the dead. With time, the fields of Hades were thought to be covered with asphodel. In "The Scarlet Citadel", Conan confronts an evil flower, "The Yothga plant, said to be literally rooted in Hell. It stems from Yag, the home-world of Yag-kosha in "The Tower of the Elephant".


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