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Ridondo was the royal poet and minstrel in the Valusian court during the reign of Kull. He was involved in a failed conspiracy led by Ascalante to overthrow Kull. His fellow conspirators also included Kaanuub, Gromel, and Volmana. Ridondo was killed when he and the others attacked Kull in the king's bedchamber.[1]

Ridondo was regarded by his compatriots as a "mad poet", flamboyantly romantic and idealistic. He was popular among the people of Valusia and was partly responsible for turning them against Kull through his music. Ridondo's songs praised the former tyrant king Borna and defamed Kull as a usurper and an outland barbarian who invaded a pleasant and peaceful kingdom. Brule wanted Kull to hang Ridondo in his jester's garb from the highest tower in the city to "make rhymes for the vultures", but Kull chose not to take his advice. The king had a soft spot in his heart for the mad minstrel despite the seditious influence he exerted over the people.[1]

Ridondo was a prototype of the Conan character Rinaldo.


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