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Raama is a character mentioned in the Kull story The Screaming Skull of Silence. Raama was a legendary figure of the early Thurian Age and regarded as the wisest man who ever lived. Though he was not a wizard, his superior intellect and vast store of scientific and metaphysical knowledge made many people believe otherwise. He once imprisoned a powerful and elemental force inside a castle of black stone near the Zalgara Mountains. This malevolent entity was the embodiment of absolute silence and became known simply as the Silence. It threatened to destroy humanity and all sound throughout the universe, until Raama imprisoned the being inside the castle and sealed it for all time. The castle became known as the Skull of Silence.[1]


The Hindu deity Rama is an earthly avatar of Vishnu The preserver. He was allegedly born in historical Ayodya = the capital of Vendhya in the days of Conan. Asura-worship from Vendhya was present in the lands of the west long before the fall of Acheron.


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