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Punt is a country of the Hyborian Age.


Punt borders the Kingdoms of Zembabwei, Keshan, and Stygia. The River Styx flows through its lands.

History and politics[]

Punt is the hereditary enemy of Keshan.

Punt had recently expelled the Zembabwean traders and burned their fortresses. Zembabwei plans some sort of retaliation.

Population and culture[]

Worshipers of Nebethet, the Ivory Goddess. Highly religious, in matters of great importance (such as making war) the Puntians seek divine instruction within their temples. Oracles speak with the Goddess possessing their bodies, and live secretly inside the temples. Minor spirits, such as Jamankh the Hyena-Demon, is tolerated alongside the worship of Nebethet, the demon's spawn allowed in her temples.

They call jade with a poisonous radiance "green fire stones" — they're supposed to be the petrified eyes of the Golden Serpents and glow like a cat's eyes in the dark.

People wash gold out of the rivers in wicker baskets.

Stories set in Punt[]

Characters from Punt[]

  • King Lalibeha, monarch of Punt
  • Chief Priest Zaramba, counselor to King Lalibeha