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Biographical Sketch[]

  • Name: Pteor
  • Aliases:
  • Identity: Deity
  • Gender: Male.
  • Aspect: Fertility, Night Sky.
  • Appearance: Monstrous and obscene, with exaggerated attributes.
  • Symbol: Ram
  • Powers and Abilities:
  • Weakness:


  • Group Membership: Hyborian Pantheon
  • Allies: Cult of Yelaya
  • Enemies: Gwahlur
  • Known Relatives:
  • Base of Operations: Shem
  • Culture: Shemite

History and Cult Practices[]

Pteor is the god of the Pelishti, a shemite people. Mentioned briefly, little is known of the deity and it's cult practices. His idol is described as "monstrous and obscene...wrought in brass, with his exaggerated attributes reflecting the grossness of his cult." It has a priesthood, and is centered on the city of Asgalun. Regarding other cults, the idol of Pteor is located in the temple of Alkmeenon, the resting place of the "Teeth of Gwahlur", precious gems believed to have come from Gwahlur, the King of Darkness. Gwahlur himself is another obscure deity, but what is known is that the gods ordered the teeth hidden, presumably to weaken him. There are many other unnamed deities in the temple of Alkmeenon, Pteor specifically being named (or the only one Conan can identify). Thus, the same race Yelaya comes from, worshiped Pteor or at least honored him, as one of the many Gods who defanged Gwahlur, a possible enemy of their race.

Expanded Universe[]

In the Conan the Roleplaying Game supplement Faith and Fervour, Pteor has an expanded role and history. In the book, the Shemite pantheon as a whole is more sexual and bloody, with deities self-mutilating and copulating in their respective myths. A major character in these myths (depending on the city) Pteor is a god of fertility, the night sky, and "male sexual power". Described as a bull-headed deity with exaggerated male characteristics his symbol is the Ram and considered an all-wise deity in Pelisthia. It is noted that the priesthood performs sexual plays, performances involving animals and naked actors. During times of crisis, children are sacrificed by being burned in brass idols of the deity.

Notes of Interest[]

The character Baal-Pteor shares part of the deities name.