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Posthumo is a policeman in the Nemedian city of Numalia, subordinate to Chief Inquisitor Demetrio and Police Prefect Dionus. He was involved in the murder investigation of Kallian Publico at the museum known as Kallian Publico's Temple, with Conan as the main suspect.[1]

Posthumo is the epitome of police brutality. He once gouged a woman's eye out in the Court of Justice for refusing to incriminate her lover. In a scene of poetic justice, Posthumo had one of his own eyes gouged out when Conan attacked the police in the museum.[1]

When the clerk Promero was killed by a giant man-headed serpent that had been released from a sarcophagus (the same creature that killed Kallian), the police fled the museum in terror along with Posthumo.[1]


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