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Olivia is a female character in Iron Shadows in the Moon.

Biographical sketch[]

Olivia is a daughter of the king of Ophir. She was sold by her father to a Shemite chief, because her refusal of marriage to a prince from Koth. Later, her new master, who never misused her, gave Olivia away to Shah Amurath. Doing so, he wished to buy the good will of Shah Amurath, ruler of Akif. However, during a feast given after Shah Amurath's victory against the Kozaki rebels near the banks of the river Ilbar, she stole a horse and escaped the city. As soon as Shah Amurath realized his concubine was missing, he rode out with his horsemen to catch her.

Physical appearance[]

Olivia is a woman of surpassing beauty. She is fair-skinned and dark-haired. She is very graceful as well. She is clad in her slave-girl outfit of skimpy skirts and silk.

Traits and skills[]

As a princess and then a slave, Olivia had not much of a chance to develop many skills. She is quite clever, and seems to have at least some psychic talent; she is able, in her dreams, to detect the ancient spirits that haunt the ruins of the island.

Stories featuring Olivia[]