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King Numedides is a character who was king of Aquilonia prior to Conan's reign. In fact it was Conan who slew Numedides to claim the throne after a long and bloody civil war.

Numedides was a man fond of food, wine... and women. Not much of a warrior or military leader, but skilled in statesmanship to some degree which enabled him to last so long.

Another factor in his long reign was the company he kept; fawning sycophants and powerful wizards (who unfortunately for the king, had their own agendas).His madness became quite apparent later in his rule,with him frequently falling into bouts of insane rage as well as developing a tendency to threaten his subjects by declaring that he would “cast his lightning upon them,” him believing himself to be a god of sorts.He spoke to flowers and trees,and indulged himself by torturing the women of his Harem in many strange and unnatural ways.

His end came at the hand of Conan the Cimmerian after the Barbarian managed to sneak into the kings palace and strangle him upon the steps of his ruby throne,proving that he was,in fact,no god at all,but merely an old man with a broken mind...

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