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Nial is the king of the Picts during the reign of Kull. Although the Picts acknowledged his overlordship of all the tribes, Nial's rule isn't absolute. He generally never interferes in Pictish tribal affairs, nor does he take tribute except from the Nargi, Dano, and Whale Slayer tribes, all of whom live on the island of Tathel with his own tribe, the Tatheli. In return for their tribute, he protects them from other tribes.[1]

When two Pictish tribes went to war, Nial did not get involved unless the conflict encroached upon those tribes that were under his protection. When such battles were over, Nial served as an arbiter between the two tribes and resolved such issues as reparations, the return of stolen women, and so forth. In such cases his judgment was final. Whenever the Picts are threatened by foreigners, Nial is able to make the tribes put aside their own quarrels and fight together against the common enemy.[1]

Nial is wise enough to know that though he could have dominated the entire Pictish nation with an iron hand if he wished, especially with the help of Valusia as an ally, the constant threat of Pictish revolt would have been more trouble than it was worth.[1]


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