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Nemedians are the people of Nemedia.

History and politics[]

The origins of the Nemedians are obscure. They were probably unrelated to the Hyborians.

In the later centuries, during the barbarian invasions, a tribe of the Æsir (Aesir) came and saved the Nemedians from the Picts and the Hyrkanians. These later conquered the vernacular civilization and adopted their name and culture, the name "Nemedian" refering to that semi-civilized Nordic people.

The Nordic-Nemedians were defeated by the Cimmerians who were driven by the wild Nordics during the glacier age. Some of their cities were sacked before the Cimmerians moved towards the borders of Brythunia. These were followed by the wild Nordics who fled the ice fields and the half-civilized Nordic Nemedians fled, leaving their ruined cities behind.

The fleeing Nordic-Nemedians came to Koth and drove away both the Pictish and Hyrkanian invaders and aided the people of Shem throw off the Hyrkanian yoke.

Millennia later, the Nordic-Nemedians would feature in Irish history.[1]


  • Arus - Priest of Mitra and missionary to the Picts.
  • Amalric - A general of Khoraja.
  • Octavia - Daughter of a Nemedian Lord. She was captured during a war, enslaved, and brought to Turan, and became the property of Jehungir Agha. He uses her as bait in a trap set for Conan during "The Devil in Iron".
  • Taurus - The "prince of thieves".
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