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One of the most powerful kingdoms in the west, second only to Aquilonia in military might and ambition, Nemedia is the intellectual and cultural center of the Western world. The church of Mitra is the dominant religion in the land, and the church enjoys a cooperative, if sometimes acrimonious, relationship with the king. Nemedians are obsessed with the remnants of the ancient culture upon which they have built their cities, their military tactics, and the trappings of their civilization.

Tall and treacherous mountains divide Nemedia and Aquilonia in the west. In the north, the Border Kingdoms are little more than a nuisance to the mighty Nemedian army, as the divide is regularly patrolled by bands of knight-errants known as the Harrowers. Mercenaries also provide protection near the border of Corinthia for merchants traveling along the Road of Kings. Healthy trade keeps relations with Ophir and Corinthia civil, if not cordial.


We have very little in this section just yet. You can help Conan Wiki by adding something. Nemedia is a country to the east of Aquilonia and west of Brythunia. Nemedia is a fertile land that has heavily-wooded mountains, known as the Border Range, and hills forming the western border with Aquilonia. Great grasslands lie to the east of these mountains, where few farms and villages exist in fear of any raiding Aquilonians. To the east, the Yellow River forms the border with Brythunia, which joins the Red River as a natural start to both rivers in the Karpash Mountains. In the north are the barren lands that meet the Border Kingdom. These lands contain the Varakiel Marshes in the northeast corner of the country. Copper, silver, and gold are all mined from the Karpash Mountains that run along the borders in the south meeting Ophir and Corinthia.

The Darkwood Forests comprise of mostly shadowed pines in the east of Nemedia. The faint trails hold much wildlife, especially wolves and bears. Rumors persist of satyrs, vampires, and ogres. The forest contains many brooding ruined stone castles.

Its capital is the city of Belverus.

History, background and politics[]

When the Hybori descended and conquered the region eons ago, they found the remnants of the ancient culture that preceded them. The history and artifacts and scrolls and tablets fueled a renaissance that accelerated the development of the barbarians dramatically as they modeled their civilization and culture on these old remains. When Mitra was declared the official religion of the kingdom, the Nemedians felt that they had met, and maybe even exceeded, the heights of their adopted ancestors.

Nemedia has become the cultural and scholarly center of the Western world, thanks mainly to their standing army and their legendary defensive capabilities — tactics and techniques gleaned from ancient martial tomes, incidentally.

Many a barbarian horde has shed their life’s blood on the immovable Nemedian shield wall.

In matters of diplomacy, the Nemedians are quick-tempered, easy to offend, and slow to forgive. This makes dealing with them politically a challenge, to say the least. Trade caravans, diplomats, and envoys from other regions with an accompanying military escort are regular sights along the roads into and out of Nemedia — all the better to curry favor with both church and state.

Of the kingdoms described within these pages, the people of Nemedia are perhaps the most Hyborian overall in semblance and outlook, though they bear some of the taint of the Acheronian influence within their heritage. Nemedians on the whole are tall and strong, with square features and light to dark brown hair, they are fair-complected and have eyes that range from light to hazel to blue. In character, they tend towards sophistication and even decadence.

For centuries, Nemedia had successfully resisted the advances of Aquilonia. It drew Brythunia and Zamora, and secretly Aquilonia's tributary, Koth, into an alliance aiming to crush the rising empire. The alliance was broken because of the Hyrkanian invasion. Nemedia took the defensive in future wars, aided occasionally by Brythunia and Hyperborea, and, secretly, as usual, by Koth.

During the fall of the Hyborian civilization by the westward Picts and the eastward Hyrkanians, Nemedia reeled between them. A tribe from Asgard came to the south, and contributed as mercenaries, halting and beating off the advance of the conquerors. The Nordics adopted the Nemedian civilization and customs and after generations it became a Nordic kingdom. The descendants of the mercenaries ruled a mixed, virile Nordic Nemedian kingdom modified by their original culture.

The Nordic-Nemedians were defeated by the Cimmerians who were driven by the Nordics during the glacier age. Some of their cities were sacked before the Cimmerians moved towards the borders of Brythunia. These were followed by the wild Nordics who fled the ice fields and the half-civilized Nordic Nemedians fled, leaving their ruined cities behind.[1] We have very little in this section just yet. You can help Conan Wiki by adding something.

Major Cities of Nemedia[]

The largest cities in Nemedia weren’t built upon chosen sites by the Hybori invaders; rather, they stumbled across standing ruins and moved in, the better to study the former culture. Belverus, the capital of Nemedia, has the largest and most complete set of ancient structures, repurposed for the Nemedians’ fair use. Numalia, some distance south, holds one of the finest Temples of Mitra. The Road of Kings bisects the road connecting these cities on its way to Aquilonia, and both cities enjoy the benefits of regular trade from the east. Hanumar lies to the north, more centrally located, and is the home of the Harrowers as well as the Church of Ibis, which struggles for attention under the Church of Mitra’s benevolent gaze and unshakeable political influence.

Nemedia is rich in fertile ground and many farms, villages, and temples lie on the roads or in the hills that roll westward toward the mountains. Every village across the kingdom has a temple dedicated to Mitra, full of acolytes and priests ever watchful for artifacts and trinkets from before the last Ice Age.

Sample Names[]


Acathius, Albrecht, Alesso, Aractus, Armatius, Attalus, Bertolf, Bruccus, Caspar, Castus, Cyril, Dorian, Eustacius, Fauthis, Galarius, Galenus, Gerlach, Gotfrid, Hartung, Hektor, Isidor, Karthis, Larellis, Lucius, Maurus, Maximus, Melitius, Peddollus, Quintus, Septaius, Sevarus, Symeon, Tiberas, Tranicus, Volusian


Adula, Agnella, Althea, Archaria, Augusta, Basina, Calva, Camilia, Columba, Cyra, Eudocia, Festinia, Genesia, Herena, Hiltrud, Imiza, Ionna, Ismene, Lecintia, Lutatia, Munia, Nereida, Nyssa, Octavia, Pasara, Proseria, Ripana, Saesta, Sybelle, Tadia, Vesnia, Vesta, Viviana

Population and culture[]

We have very little in this section just yet. You can help Conan Wiki by adding something. Nemedia is known for being a centre of arts and culture, with many of the greatest bards coming from there.

Stories set in Nemedia[]

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