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Mountain of Power

Snake Cult Temple, Conan the Barbarian (1982)

This page refers to the Mountain of Power, as well as the snake cult temple that is on it.


The Mountain of Power is found in the eastern lands of Hyboria.

Snake Cult Temple[]

The mountain is home to the primary establishment of Thulsa Doom's snake cult, where Thulsa himself resides. Many ceremonies and speeches are conducted at the temple, where the speaker stands on the second floor balcony, the "monarch" sits atop the highest flight of stairs, guards occupy the upper stair steps and landing, and the followers and pettier cult members stay on the lower stairs and landing.

Behind the Scenes[]

The snake cult temple was the largest set featured in the film. Production designer Ron Cobb found and surveyed the mountain (Penon de Bernal or Rock of Bernal on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gador range near Vicar in Almeria, Spain) before the set was made. The set was built as high as the crew could make it, though the director John Milius wished it to be higher. The temple was constructed to hold at least 1,500 extras by Aldo Puccini who had little more than mere sketches for plans to build off of.