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Mount Golamira is a mountain in Aquilonia where Epemitreus the Sage was laid to rest by priests of Mitra fifteen hundred years before the time of Conan. The resting place of Epemitreus in the "black heart" of Golamira consists of a great entrance corridor, a wide stairway, and a cavern that serves as his crypt.[1]

The corridor is carved with figures of ancient heroes and gods. The walls of the stairway are adorned with esoteric symbols, and each step of the stairway bears the image of Set so that a person may plant his foot on its head as a show of defiance against the Old Serpent. The stairs lead into the cavern crypt of Epemitreus, whose sarcophagus is guarded by a stone phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and immortality.[1]

The existence of the mountain tomb is known only to the inner circle of the priesthood of Mitra (and to King Conan following his encounter with the spirit of Epemitreus). This knowledge is one of the central Mysteries of their religion, and when the Sage was laid to rest the outer entrance of the corridor was blocked up so that no one could find it.[1]


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