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McFarlane Toys, a subsidiary of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., is a company that makes detailed models of characters from movies, comics, musicians, video games, and sport figures. Founded in 1994, the company was originally dubbed "Todd Toys," but the name was changed in 1995 following pressure from Mattel (who feared the new company's name would be confused with that of Barbie's younger brother).

Models by McFarlane Toys are highly detailed, but lack articulation, making them more like semi-posable statues than action figures. They are popular, especially among young adults, and is arguably the most commercially successful toy line at the moment. It has also influenced many other toy lines to try and imitate McFarlane Toys' style.

The line, which originally began with action figures based upon Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic series, has since grown to feature a large number of licenced property lines. These include The Simpsons, "Movie Maniacs" (which features horror icons such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and The Terminator), video game characters (from Soul Calibur, Onimusha and Metal Gear Solid), Where the Wild Things Are, and real people such as basketball and baseball legends. The company has also made original works of their own, for example their grotesque twists on fairy tales, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and historical figures. They have also collaborated with people like Clive Barker and H.R. Giger to produce other original figures.

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