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Created 22 February 2006, CONAN wiki is a combined concordance, dramatis personae, gazetteer, bestiary, and so on, for all of the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard and other hands and all derived works - comics, film and TV, collectables, Red Sonja, whatever.

Our aim is to make CONAN wiki the ultimate online Conan reference! If you're a Conan fan or if you're familiar with wiki code (preferably both!) you can help. Take a look at the Community Portal to see how! Please create an account – and don't forget to log in before making any changes!





Conan - known as Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Cimmerian (from the name of his homeland, Cimmeria) - is a literary character created by Robert E. Howard in a series of stories published in Weird Tales in the 1930s.

Conan is a Cimmerian, a barbarian of the far north; he was born on a battlefield and is the son of a blacksmith. He grew up fast: by age fifteen he was already a respected warrior, participating in the destruction of the Aquilonian outpost of Venarium. After this he was struck by wanderlust and began the colorful and exciting adventures chronicled by Howard and others, encountering fabulous monsters, evil wizards, and beautiful wenches and princesses - he has travelled throughout the world and been...
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QueenBuffy QueenBuffy 27 January 2012

Five Favorite Films with Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has posted his favorite top 5 movies on

I was highly impressed with his choices!

Do you enjoy the picks he selected?

See the full article here: Jason Momoa Fave Films

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QueenBuffy QueenBuffy 27 January 2012

Conan L.A. premiere!

Jason Momoa (along with Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz) enjoyed some red carpet time at the Conan, L.A. premiere August 11, 2011!
Rachel Nichols was in attendance, as was Rose McGowan, wearing a sparkling…

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Porterfield Porterfield 19 August 2011

Conan in 2D, Please

"Believe me or don't, but don't say I didn't warn you. I actually took the glasses off half an hour into the movie and, while blurry, it was a vast improvement." - Sheenan87 (IMDb)

Of course I don't …

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Porterfield Porterfield 18 August 2011

How to Get Your Story Made into a 3D Movie

If you've ever wanted to see those fantasies inside your head turned into a 3D summer blockbuster, the history of Conan is your best guide. The Conan remake hits theaters this Friday, August 19th, an…

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