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Magda is a prostitute who lives in the Nemedian city of Belverus. She is an attractive young woman with blonde hair. After spending the night with Conan, he paid her in Acheronian gold that he had obtained from a dying man in the mountains of Nemedia. By royal edict, Acheronian artifacts are considered the rightful property of the Nemedian king. Anyone else caught with them is severely punished, so Magda betrayed Conan to the police out of self-preservation.[1]

She later joined Conan when he was persuaded by Prince Tarascus to help him search for the lost treasure mines of Acheron. After they escaped from the tomb of Xaltana, the Witch Queen of Acheron, Magda revealed to Conan that she had recovered a pouch of jewels from the burial vault and offered to share them. Conan forgave Magda for betraying him and took her with him as they rode off together.[1]


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