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During the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, the Lemurians were considered among the barbarian nations of their age (along with the Picts and the Atlanteans), and known as savage pirates who inhabited a chain of large islands in the ocean east of the Thurian continent, in the eastern hemisphere (next place where mankind rose to supremacy), as part of the continent Mu.

The Lemurians came in contact from time to time with the mysterious and non-Thurian race living on the eastern shores of the Thurian continent (those apparently came from a shadowy and nameless continent lying somwhere east of the Lemurian islands).

The crumbling Thurian civilizations employed barbarian mercenaries (Picts, Atlanteans and Lemurians) as their armies, and consequently, their generals, their statesmen and often their kings were barbarians.

At the time of Kull, the Lemurian Isles were controlled by humans, while the Deviants ruled the Lemurian continent. Asfodel IV, king of Lemuria, hired Kull to kill Rotath of Lemuria, a wizard and a priest of nameless gods. Both Atlantis and Lemuria eventually became mighty empires. Khornah, lieutenant of the Atlantean Army, conspired with Lemurian pirates to depose and replace King Om-Ra (before allying to assault the Thurian mainland), but his plans were foiled by Kull and mostly by a Kraken summoned by Kareesha.