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Kuthulos was a slave owned by the Valusian noblewoman Delcardes (not to be confused with Delcartes). Despite being a slave, he was highly regarded as the greatest scholar and the wisest man in the Seven Empires. He was also skilled in the art of ventriloquism. Delcardes had Kuthulos throw his voice to make the cat Saremes appear to talk like a human and foretell the future. She had hoped that Kuthulos, speaking through Saremes, would convince Kull to allow Delcardes to marry Kulra Thoom, a foreign man of lower status. Such a marriage was normally not permitted under Valusian law.[1]

At one point when no one else was present, Kuthulos was overpowered by the wizard Thulsa Doom, who took his place and left Kuthulos bound and helpless in a secret passageway. Thulsa Doom, in an attempt to destroy Kull, used his magical power of illusion to speak through Saremes and convinced Kull to enter the Forbidden Lake on the false pretext of rescuing Brule. After Kull survived the monsters of the lake, the deception was exposed, Kuthulos was rescued, and Thulsa Doom escaped. Delcardes was given consent by Kull to marry her beloved despite all the trouble she had unintentionally caused.[1]

Kuthulos later served Kull as a teacher of metaphysics, philosophy, science, and other esoteric subjects such as the nature of reality. He joined Kull and his men on their quest to find the castle known as the Skull of Silence in the Zalgara Mountains.[2]


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