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Kulra Thoom was a man from Zarfhaana and the beloved of the Valusian noblewoman Delcardes (not to be confused with Delcartes). Delcardes wanted to marry him, but as a woman of royal blood, Valusian law prevented her from marrying a foreigner of lower status. It is uncertain whether Kulra Thoom was a lower ranking nobleman or a commoner.[1]

Delcardes devised a harmless scheme designed to persuade Kull to grant permission to marry Kulra Thoom. She had her slave Kuthulos, a skilled ventriloquist, throw his voice to make Kull believe that the cat Saremes could speak like a human and seemingly foretell the future. Delcardes hoped that Kuthulos, speaking through Saremes, would convince Kull to grant her request. The deception was eventually exposed, but Kull showed mercy to the remorseful Delcardes and gave his consent to marry.[1]


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